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5Spice Analysis

Developer Richard P. Andresen

5Spice provides Spice specific schematic entry, the ability to define and save an unlimited number of analysis, and ...

CyberMotion 3D-Designer

Developer Reinhard Epp Software

CyberMotion 3D-Designer is an integrated 3D-graphics program for modeling, animating and rendering ...

CSiBridge 2015

Developer Computers and Structures, Inc.

CSiBridge 2015 is a program designed for modeling, analysis and design of bridge structures. Using ...

XFrogPlants Catalog

Developer Itoo Software

XFrog plants can be seamlessly integrated into the Library Browser, installing the XFrog Catalog addon, that includes ...


Developer University of Florida

TSIS-CORSIM is a microscopic traffic simulation program designed for signal systems, freeway systems, or ...

RedShift Planetarium

Developer Maris Technologies, Ltd.

The Redshift Planetarium 5.0 is a software simulation program that models outer space and offers users a ...

Time Series Analyzer

Developer Four Spaces - Josef Pirkl

The Time Series Analyzer plugin can be used for analyzing 2D time-lapse images or stacks. This plugin can be used to add a ...

Iberical Vett


Iberical Vett is a veterinary practice management application that allows you to complete your tasks from anywhere ...

Vicon BodyBuilder

Developer Vicon Motion Systems Ltd.

Vicon BodyBuilder was designed specifically to make the implementation of biomechanical models quick and easy. BodyBuilder has a ...


Developer theGRAFster

- Model Call and Put values for stocks, indices and futures. - Select American or European style ...


Developer Visionics

The EDComX tool kit alleviates the time consuming process of creating both Code Models and User-Defined Nodes by automating the creation ...


Developer RuleArts

FactXpress is a tool used to create graphical conceptual models. Specifically it allows the user to: - draw a box ...

MWF2011 Professional

Developer StrucSoft Solutions

Other features: - User defined rules that supplement wall templates thus allowing the user to define framing conditions for any size and ...


Developer NBusiness

NBusiness is a Visual Studio Plugin that allows you to define entities and models in projects of various languages like C#, VB and Boo. ...


Developer NewPage Software Ltd.

In other trading platforms, traders can develop their trading systems in two ways. They can either develop their trading systems in a ...